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Tender No 6924 and 6925 dated 09/11/2022 for Selection and Appointment of Level-I Transport Contractor for Transportation of Food Grains.

OSCSC Ltd., Nayagarh

09/11/2022 30/11/2022 View (242 KB) 6925 (239 KB)
Tender notice for selection of Agency for supply of Printing Materials and Lunch at Govt. Health Institution, Nayagarh.

Office of the CMD and PHO, Nayagarh.

11/11/2022 30/11/2022 View (5 MB) Tender for Food (3 MB)
Tender call Notice no 1165 dated 14/11/2022 for Hiring of vehicles

Office of the DPMU, Nayagarh.

15/11/2022 30/11/2022 View (988 KB)
BID finalization result.

Office of the CDVO, Nayagarh.

19/11/2022 30/11/2022 View (591 KB)
Quototion call Notice for Supplying of Equipment and Materials for District Resource Centre and Block Resource Centres of Nayagarh District under Inclusive Educaton

District Project office , Samagra Siksha, nayagarh.

18/11/2022 29/11/2022 View (3 MB)
Letter no 4122 Dated 03/11/2022 for Long Term Lease of Sairat Sources of Nuagaon Tahasil .

Office of the Tahasildar Nuagaon, Nayagarh.

05/11/2022 23/11/2022 View (2 MB)
Tender call notice no 01/2022-23 for Provision of Lift facility at Old Age Home (SAMARPANA), Nayagarh.

Block Development Office , Nayagarh.

09/11/2022 18/11/2022 View (1 MB)
Pre-bid clarification / amendment for tender on security and laundry services.

Office of the CDM & PHO, Nayagarh.

03/11/2022 14/11/2022 View (1 MB)
Tender Notice for selection of Agency of Security Services and Mechanized Laundry Services with supply of Bed sheet at Govt. Health Institutions, Nayagarh.

Office of the  CDM & PHO, Nayagarh.

21/10/2022 09/11/2022 View (462 KB) Tender Security Service (9 MB) Tender Mechanised Laundry (9 MB)
Tender Evaluation of Technical Bid regarding selection of Agency for outsourcing Techno Managerial Service & outsourcing Different Manpower Service

office of the CDM & PHO , Nayagarh.

18/10/2022 30/10/2022 View (1 MB)