• Reduce Maternal Death and Infant/ Child Death.
  • Save Girl Child to maintain equity among sexes.
  • To bring back faith in common citizen by providing quality healthcare (Preventive and Curative).
  • Community Participation and Convergence among Health, Education, Women and Child Welfare, PR Institutions.
  • Healthcare for all to make a “Healthy Nayagarh”
  • Fitting reply to Emergencies like Epidemic and Disaster.


  • Reproductive Child Health Programmes.
  • Erecting health Infrastructure, deployment of equipments, skilled human.
  • Resource, regular Capacity building programmes of health worker.
  • Support of Planning and budgeting for each year.
Health Profile of the District
Sl No Type of Institutions Number Remark
 1 District HQ Hospital 01 DHH Nayagarh
2 District Post Partum Centre 01 PPC, Nayagarh
3 Block Post Partum Centre 02 Ranpur CHC and Khandapara CHC-under construction
4 Community Health Centers (CHC) (Nuagadiasahi, Saranakul, Bhapur, Mahipur, Rajsunakhala, Gania, Badapandusar, Madhyakhanda, Dasapalla, Ranpur, Odagaon and Khandapada)
5 Single Doctor PHC 37
6 Sub Centres 166 166
7 Mobile Health Team under RBSK 15 (1 in Gania Block and 2 in other 7 Blocks)
8 Anganwadi Centers 1544
9 Other Hospital 01 BMSN, Chandapur (TB Hospital)
10 AIDS Counseling And Testing Centers 7 ICTCs (2 in DHH, 1 in Chandpur Hospital and 1 in each CHC Dasapalla, Khandapada, Odagaon & Rajsunakhala )
3 FICTC (Sarankul, Bhapur and Mahipur CHC)”
11 Adolescent Reproductive Sexula Health Clinic – “SRADHA”(ARSH Clinic) 4 Nos (DHH Nayagarh, Sarankul CHC, Rajsunakhala CHC and Dasapalla CHC)
12 ASHA Gruha established 04 (DHH Nayagarh, Dasapalla CHC , Sarankul CHC and Rajsunakhala CHC)
13 ANM Training Center, Dasapalla 01
14 No of ASHA sanctioned 885
15 No of ASHA in-position 875
16 RKS at DHH is formed Yes
17 Block RKS 8
18 PHC–N 37
19 Gaon Kalyan Samiti 1389
20 Special Neonatal Care Unit 12 DHH Nayagarh
21 New Born Stabilization Unit 4 beded CHC Daspalla
22 Nutritional Rehablitation Center (10 beded) 2 (DHH Nayagarh and Khandapada CHC)
23 Help Desk 2 (DHH Nayagarh and Dasapalla CHC)
24 District Early Intervention Center  1 DHH Nayagarh
Health Institution Details
Sl No Name of the Block Name of the Instritution
1 Nayagarh District Head Quarter Hospital Nayagarh
2 Bhapur  Bhapur CHC
3 Bhapur  Baghuapali PHC
4  Nimani PHC
5  Padmabati PHC
6 Daspalla Madhyakhanda CHC
7  Dasapalla CHC
8  Banigochha PHC
9  Chadheyapali PHC
10  Kalas Khaman-Nuagaon PHC
11  Kujamendhi PHC
12  Takara PHC
13 Gania Gania CHC
14 Adakata PHC
15 Chhamundia PHC
16  Rasanga PHC
17 Khandapada  Khandapada CHC
18 Nuagadiasahi CHC
19 Banamalipur-Nuagadiasahi PHC
20 Biridi PHC
21 Kantilo PHC
22 Kumbharapada PHC
23  Rayatidolmara PHC
24 Nayagarh Badapandusara CHC
25 Balugaon PHC
26  Itamati PHC
27  Kalikaprasad-Badapundusar PHC
28  Lathipada PHC
29  Sankhoi PHC
30 Nuagaon  Mahipur CHC
31 Dimiripali PHC
32  JagannathaPrasad PHC
33  Bahadajhola PHC
34  Nuagaon PHC
35 Odagaon  Sarankul CHC
36  Odagaon CHC
37  Dimisar PHC
38  Godipada PHC
39  Kajaleipali PHC
40  Komanda PHC
41  Kural PHC
42   Magarbandha PHC
43  Sunamuhin PHC
44 Ranpur  Rajsunakhala CHC
45  Ranapur CHC
46  Damasahi PHC
47  Darpanarayanpur PHC
48  Majhiakhand PHC
49  Mayurjhalia PHC
50  Mayurjhalia PHC
51  Basant Manjari Swastya Nivas, Chandpur

Location of Govt Health Facilities in Nayagarh District​

Gania Block Map(PDF 348 KB)
Daspalla Block Map(PDF 678 KB)
Bhapur Block Map(PDF 290 KB)

Nayagarh Block Map(PDF size 314 KB)
Nuagaon Block Map(PDF  378 KB)
Odgaon Block Map(PDF 409 KB)

Ranpur Block Map(PDF  433 KB)
Khandapada Block Map(PDF 455 KB) 


 Major Civil Works

  • 100 Bedded MCH Building at DHH Nayagarh has been taken over and operationalized.
  • 30 Bedded MCH Building at CHC Rajsunakhala is at finishing stage.
  • 30 Bedded MCH Building at CHC Khandapada is in progress.


Help desk with dedicated manpower through outsourcing are functioning at DHH Nayagarh and CHC Dasapalla to provide support to needy patients.


Pradhan Mantri Surakshita Matrutwa Abhijan launched since November, 2016 to provide Antenatal Care to pregnant woman on 9th of every month in 12 CHCs and DHH Nayagarh.

Jana Aushadhi Counter :-

Jana Aushadhi Counter established at District HQ Hospital to make available low cost medicines for general public.

 NRC :-

Two nos. of ten beded Nutrition and Rehabilitation Center (NRC) are functioning at Khandapada CHC and DHH Nayagarh with deployment of dedicated manpower. (43 and 74 SAM Children have been admitted respectively in this year)

 New Born Corners (NBC)

New Born Corners (NBC) established in 15 designated govt. institutions in which 24 nos. of Radiant Warmers installed to provide immediate medical care to the new born babies.

Special Neonatal Care Unit(SNCU)

Special Neonatal Care Unit(SNCU) established in the DHH, Nayagarh in which 12 beds available for survival of Sick Neonates which is helping to reduce Neonatal Mortality in the district. (Total 964 Neonates admitted in this year)

Gaon Kalyan Samitis

1387 Gaon Kalyan Samitis are functioning and funds @ Rs.10,000/- per GKS were provided for each year. Capacity Building programme completed for 9500 GKS members.

ASHAs are in position

869 ASHAs are in position {@ one ASHA per 1000 population } to improve health awareness among communities, timely treatment with all medical aid to rural population of the district. They have been continuously trained on basic healthcare in phased manner. All ASHAs has been provided with BSNL CUG SIM for communication of referral transport services & emergency care. ASHA SATHIs are working in each sector to provide mentoring support to ASHAs.

Janani Surakhya Yojana (JSY)

Janani Surakhya Yojana (JSY) has been launched since 2006 under NHM to encourage institutional deliveries through which 2931 mothers were benefited in this year (April to August, 2017).

 Janani Sishu Surakhya Karyakram (JSSK)

Janani Sishu Surakhya Karyakram (JSSK) provides cash less service to mother & child at 13 designated govt health facilities. Service includes – Free Drugs, Free diagnostic services, free transportation, free diet and free provision of blood along with all the amenities required for which user charges for both mother and sick new born.

VHND (Mamata Diwas):

Every month VHND conducted in each AWC to provide primary services to pregnant women, lactating mothers, children (0-3 yrs) and adolescent girls.

 Rogi Kalyan Samiti:

Total 50 numbers of Rogi Kalyan Samiti are operational at institution level to strengthen quality health care services and carry out programmes related to specific area. Rashtriya Swasthya Biama Yojana (RBSY) and Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana (BKKY) Help Desk are functioning in 10 health institutions.

Blood Storage Unit

Blood storage unit started its operation at Dasapalla CHC from November’2011 which is linked with the mother Blood Bank at DHH Nayagarh. Demand based query can be made to know the stock position through web based services.

 Health Management Information System (HMIS):

Data pertaining to 216 health institutions are entered in to Web Based Application at Block level and validated at district level. All reports of 216 health institutions are uploaded in to Govt of India Web Portal every month. Those reports are used for planning, monitoring & evaluation of performances of health institutions and personnel.


To fulfill the gaps due to lack of doctors in the district, 39 numbers of Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic Doctors are in position to provide basic healthcare in the rural pockets of the district.


Key health/ paramedical staffs are being provided with various Training such as New Born Care, Skilled Birth Attendant & Family Planning methods which significantly reduced the mortality of mother and child in the district. Recruitment of Paramedical staff is done on regular basis to fill out the gaps.

 Routine Immunization

All pregnant women and children (0 to 15 years) provided complete immunization service in every Wednesday at different immunization session sites of 166 Sub-centers and 2 PPC.

Doctor Position in the District

Sanctioned :159
In-position :68
Vacant :91

 Health Indicators of the District

Health Indicators INDIA ODISHA NAYAGARH Data Source
IMR 40 51 49 AHS 2012-13
MMR 178 230 218 AHS 2012-13
CSR( Child Sex Ratio) 914 925 838 AHS 2012-13

 Rashtriya Bal Surakhya Karyakram (RBSK)

  • Rashtriya Bal Surakhya Karyakram (RBSK) is operational in the district with 15 Nos of Mobile Medical Units @ 2 units in each block (1 in Gania block) . In each Mobile Medical Unit, there are provision of 2-AYUSH Doctors, 1-Pharmacist and 1-staff Nurse/ANM.
  •  84 cases of Congenital Cataract and other Vision Impairment cases at LV Prasad Eye Institute Bhubaneswar
  •  Distribution of 2700 spectacles in coordination with SSA
  •  Distribution of 98 Hearing Aids in coordination with SSA
  •  Successfully Operation of 6 cases of Congenital Heart Disease at Apollo Hospital Bhubaneswar with support of OSTF fund.
  •  Management of 25 Club foot children at DHH Nayagarh, DDRC Kandhamal, DHH Khurdha, Capital Hospital Bhubaneswar
  •  Management of 348 cases of SAM children at NRCs in 2016-17
  •  Management of all Cleft lip and palate cases screened by MHT at SCB MCH Cuttack and Ushti Hospital BBSR
  •  Management of Other cases like Burn Case, Hernia Case , Tumor, etc at SCB MCH Cuttack
  •  Management of nearly 1500 children on dental conditions by MO Dental at DHH Nayagarh
  •  Management of 1215 children by Physiotherapist and Psychologist on various issues like Motor Delay, Club Foot, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down’s Syndrome etc.