Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare

Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare of Nayagarh District


The District Civil Supplies Office of Nayagarh is functioning under the direct control of Collector having proper supervision by the Food supplies and Consumer Welfare Department, Govt. of Odisha. The sole aim and object ofthis Office is to carry out all the plan, programme & policies of the Government in FS & CW Deptt, basically procurement of Paddy, receipt of CM rice as well as lifting & distribution of PDS food grains& S.K oil to the consumer (NFSA card holders) of the district. Besides that, distribution of rice is being regularly made to the ST/ SC Girl Hostels, ST/ SC Hostels managed by NGOs, Welfare Institutions, Jails& Differently abled Persons. To ensure timely lifting & distribution of FoodGrains under PDS & TPDS is the sole aim and objective of the Civil Supplies Wing. During natural calamity like flood in rainy season as well as any natural disasters, the civil supplies wing plays a vital role by making advance storage of Food Grains in the in-accessible pockets of the flood prone areas of the district.


The Govt. in FS & CW Dept.have introduced Departmental Storage System Operation with effect from 1st April 2012 abolishing the private storage agency system.The supply Chain management system has been operated with registration of FP shops,ration cards,name of different consumers,allotment orders of Rice and wheat through Food Odisha portal.The RRC cum DSC have been equipped with computerization system for making SMS on their day to day transaction through online to make the system more efficient, effective and transparent to the general public and consumers at a large. To make fair allocation of different essential commodities as fixed under different schemes like: Annapurna, AAY, PHH to make it available to the NFSA beneficiaries as per their monthly entitlements at Govt. fixed price. The allocation of Rs. 1.00/- per K.g rice under PHH, AAY& SC/ST hostels of Govt. Free cost rice to AP card holders. Rs. 6.30/- per K.g rice to Welfare Institutions. Rs. 1.00/- per K.g Wheat to all the PHH card holders of the district and S.K Oil to all PHH &AAY card holders @ Rs. 18.36 to Rs. 19.24 per liter.


This wing is also monitoring the availability & fair distribution of PDS / TPDS commodities to the bonafide consumer card holders of the district. It is also monitoring the price and availability of essential commodities in the open market. The executive staffs of this wing are vested with powers under different Control Orders under the E.C. Act 1955 and PBMS Act 1980 to ensure control the distribution system under TPDS and to check the black marketing of different essential commodities by the FP Shops and in the open market. Simultaneously, daily collections of market price of essential commodities are being undertaken by the Executive staff of this wing to have a consideration on supply, availability and controlling of the prices of essential commodities. It also helps to the Govt. while making policies. Regular checks & raids are being made by the District Civil Supplies Enforcement Squad to have a check on hoarding & black marketing of essential commodities as well as to check the adulteration of HSD & commercial use of Domestic subsidized LPG cylinders.


The Paddy Procurement work is one of the flag ship programme of Civil Supplies Wing. According to the Food and Procurement Policy communicated by the Govt. in FS &CW Deptt. as well as OSCSC Ltd. Bhubaneswar in every Khariff Marketing Session, this wing undertakes procurement of Paddy from the farmers under OSCSC & through the state Agencies involving maximum nos. of PACS, WSHGs &Pani Panchayats with assistance of the DCCB Secretaries, ARCS, D.D Agriculture & RMC, Bahadajhola.


Different programmes have been implemented in this District for consumer welfare, awareness and protections basing on the instructions communicated by the Govt.from time to time.

Govt. schemes running in this District:-

Block / NAC wise ration cards in circulation
Sl.No Name of the Block PHH AAY AP
1 Bhapur 18730 3349 182
2 Daspalla 16031 2947 200
3 Daspalla NAC 2120 536
4 Gania 6819 1292 76
5 Khandapada 18804 3128 182
6 Khandapada NAC 1118 240 18
7 Nayagarh 27472 4282 209
8 Nayagarh NAC 1508 436 27
9 Nuagaon 16880 3266 178
10 Odagaon 31801 4804 225
11 Ranpur 26134 4864 305
12 Ranapur NAC 2390 405
TOTAL 169807 29549 1602


The Departmental Storage System has been implemented in the District with effect from Apl’2012. The Handling & Transport Contractors have been engaged for lifting of Food Grains from FCIs as FSD points to the RRC-cum-DSCs as well as the Handling & Transport Contractors have been also engaged for lifting of Food Grains from the RRC-cum-DSC points to the retail points under doorstep delivery system. Similarly, the S.K. Oil is being lifted by 5 nos. of Wholesalers from the Oil depots supply to the FP shops.


A total 296 nos. of FP Shops are functioning in this District. The Block wise FP Shops are as follows:

Block / NAC wise Fair Price Shops
Sl.No Name of the Block/NAC GP/Ward WSHG SCS Private EO NAC Total
1 Nayagarh Block 27 16 0 3 0 46
2 Nayagarh NAC 0 1 0 0 0 1
3 Nuagaon Block 20 2 2 10 0 34
4 Odagaon Block 30 3 1 7 0 41
5 Daspalla Block 17 1 0 8 0 26
6 Daspalla NAC 0 0 0 0 1 1
7 Gania Block 8 0 1 4 0 13
8 Khandapada Block 19 0 2 17 0 38
9 Khandapada NAC 0 1 0 0 0 1
10 Bhapur Block 19 4 0 5 0 28
11 Ranpur Block 32 0 2 27 0 61
12 Ranapur NAC 0 0 0 5 0 5
Total 172 28 8  86  1 295


All the information related to PDS / Paddy Procurement etc. can be seen in the Transparency Portal of the website


The office telephone number of C.S. O. and the cell phone number of Govt. with CSO have been widely circulated through printing media and in the banners, leaflets and wall paintings under consumer awareness and protectionprogrammes for inform at ion of the consumers of the district as a part of grievance redressal mechanism . TheDCDRF, Nayagarh is functioning in the district headquarter with one counselor to assist the consumers in filing applications for hearing who have been neglected and harassed by any business organizations. The consumers whose ration cards havebeen lost / dam aged and destroyed are issued with duplicate rat ion cards on application within a day or two from therespective offices of Civil Supplies Organization. The public allegations received at different corners are being enquired bythe officials on priority basis for the better interest of the consumer. Any black marketing and hoarding of essentialcommodities by unscrupulous traders comes to the notice of the district administration are being enforced through the districtenforcement squad. Misuse of domestic LPG cylinders and use of PDS
K. Oil in the transporting vehicles and any cheating in weights and measures are also enforced in the regular intervalsthrough the squad along with the officials of the line departments.


Achievements :- Timely allocation and arrival of Food Grains like Rice & wheat along with PDS K.Oil to the NFSA beneficiaries under different Schemes as per the monthly entitlements at the Govt. fixed prices.


The consumers having valid ration cards under different schemes are only eligible to avail the benefits provided by the Govt. in their respective retail points of the district.

Different Schemes Details
Name of the Commodities Scale of Supply per month per card Rate per K.G/Ltrs
PHH Rice/Wheat 5 Kg. per head (Rice/Wheat or both) Rs. 1/ –
AAY Rice 35 k.g Rs. 1/ –
AP Rice 10 k.g Free of Cost
S. K. Oil 0.650ltrs. Rs. 23.03 to Rs 23.95

Q624.60 @ Rs. 1/ – r ice is being supplied to 29 nos. of Govt. SC / ST Hostels covering 4164 boarders
Q. 25.50 @ Rs. 6.30 r ice is being supplied to 2 nos. of Welfare Institutions covering 170 boarders.

The Village Grain Bank have been implemented in five village of the GPs of four Blocks

Circular and Notification-

As and when required the instructions are being issued to the Block and NACs of the district by the District authorities for effective implementation of PDS and procurement.

Grievances :-

Grievances of the public are being heard on the fixed grievance hearing days on each Sunday of a month atGP level,Block level and District level. As this office under the direct control of Collector,Nayagarh all the public grievances are undertaken under the supervision of collector at block and district level and the problems are being sorted out in a regular manner.


The Instructions and guidelines issued by Government from time to timeare being worked out on priority basis.The fortnightly and quarterly meetings of field functionaries are being conducted on regular basis to review the day to day progress of different schemes implemented in the district.

Supreme Authority of the Office –

Collector and District Magistrate, Nayagarh
Office Telephone No.:-06753-252333
First Appellate Authority of this Office:-
Civil Supplies Officer (CSO)
Civil Supplies Office, Nayagarh

Public Informatics Officer(PIO) –


Civil Supplies Office, Nayagarh
Office Tel. No.:-06753-253942

Asst. Public Information Officer (APIO)

  1.  Head Clerk
    Civil Supplies Office, Nayagarh
  2. Sr. Accounts Supervisor,
    OSCSC Ltd., Nayagarh