Animal Husbandry



The important economic turn in all the sector of Nayagarh District has taken place after it has been declared as a separate District since 1-4-1993

Sl No Name of Institution Number
A No.of VH and VD 16(1+15)
B No. of. V.H. & V.D. doing A.I. 16
C No. of Livestock Aid Centre 68
D No. of LAC doing A.I. 57
E No. of Door step A.I. facility provided (V.D.+LAC). 73
F Total No. of A.I. Centre of Department (B + D) 73
G No. of Gomitra functioning 29
H No. of A.I. Centre by PUMUL 5
I ILDC center under JK trust 14
J Total No. of A.I. Centre operated in Dist.(F + G+H) 121
K No. of V.D. without A.I. facility Nil
L No. of LAC without A.I. facility 11
M No. of VAS/AVAS/ BVO/DD Present/Total 23/23
N No. of Post Vacant ( BVO/VAS/ AVAS) 0
O No. of L.I / V.T. in position/Total 62/89(vacancy-27)
P No. of vacancy of L.I. in LAC 6(rest 21 managed by VT)

The V.Ds. are managed by Block Veterinary Officer & Veterinary Assistant Surgeons while the developmental programmes under ARD sector is implemented by the Additional Veterinary Assistant Surgeons. The L.A.Centres are managed by Non-gazetted Technical Officer. The C.D.V.O. Nayagarh is the Technical and Administrative Head of the District.


The following is the livestock population of the District as per 2012 Livestock Census.

  • Cattle- 229524
  • Buffaloes- 19838
  • Sheep- 28079
  • Goat- 91777
  • Poultry 184875


Physical achievement on vaccination
Sl No Name of the vaccine Annual target(2016-17) Achievement(2016-17) Annual Target(2017-18) Annual Achievment2017-18)
1 HS 2,40,000 210000 200,000 179700
2 BQ 2,08,000 200000 144600 164000
3 FMD 137500 224500 350000 293800
4 PPR 128,000 146500 78000 45000
5 ENT. 45,000 24000 39,000 36400
6 GOAT POX 55,000 90000 42,000 55000
7 RD( R2B) 71000 32500 27000 60000
8 Theileria 2745 2745 1355 0
9 Anthrax 5,500 6,000 20000 8700
10 ARV 190 245
11 Brucella 500 1200

District Diagnostic Laboratory-(DDL)

The DDL is functional from 01.06.2011. & 873 samples tested in Year 2016-17 . In 2016-17, for Avian Influenza/Bird Flu, 930 samples sent to ADRI (Cloacal-336, Tracheal-336, Serum-258) and 197 samples for Brucella.In 2017-18(April-17-DDL-53, FMDCP-180 and PPR CP-60 serum samples sent to ADRI.

Physical achievement on Cases treatment / Castration / FDL
Sl No Perticulars Annual target(2016-17) Achievement(2016-17) Annual Target(2017-18) Achievement(2017-18)
1 Cases treated 323000 281676 323000  303781
2 Castration 17000 10737 17000  11923
3 Deworming 36164 15750 36164  59000

National Mission for protein supplementation ( NMPS)-

The intensive goat production unit consisting of 50 goats with 50% subsidy scheme has been started in 2011-12.

National Mission for protein supplementation
Year Target Achievement Goat Cluster
2015-16(2nd Phase) 5 5 2
2015-16(4th Phase) 10 10 0
2016-17(State Plan) 8 8 0

Mobile Veterinary Unit-

8 no.s of Mobile Veterinary unit is in operation in 8 Blocks of Nayagarh District to provide mobile service in remote and inaccessible villages.

Risk Management-

The farmers were provided with 50% subsidy on Livestock insurance premium rate if insured their animal under this scheme.

  • 2015-16-  Target-LA-2548, SA-2548, Total-5096
    Ach- LA-3044, SA-2965, Total-6009, FS-2,61,453/-, GS-5,80584/- Total-842037/-
  • 2016-17  –   Target-LA-2000, SA-3000, Total-5000. Financial target-10 L:akh for Govt Share
    Ach as on date 25.5.17 – LA-2775, SA-2811, Total-4586, Finanacial Achievement-10,00,640/-

Death Claim

  • 2014-15
    Animal Died-LA-27, SA-18, Total-45, Claim Settled- LA-22, SA-18, Total-40
    Pending-LA-5, SA-0, Total-5
  • 2016-17
    Target-LA-2000, SA-3000, Total-5000. Financial target-10 L:akh for Govt Share
    Ach as on date 25.5.17
    – LA-538, SA-355, Total-893, FS-84381/-, GS-164060/- Total-248441/-

PDE- ( Promotion of Dairy Entrepreneurship)-

The Dairy Scheme consisting of 2 & 4 cow unit with a subsidy of 25% is implemented in Nayagarh District.

Promotion of Dairy Entrepreneurship
Year Target No.of application sponsored No of application sanctioned animal Induction
2015-16 133 431 171 223
2016-17 42 260 100 132

JK Trust activities-

Total 14 ILD Centers are functioning to provide artificial insemination in rural areas.

  • Khandapada Block-7 Centres( Gomitra-1, New-6)
  • Gania Block- 2 Centres( Gomitra-0, New-2)
  • Daspalla Block-5 Centres( Gomitra-2, New-3)

Rural Backyard Poultry scheme-

The 28 days old Banaraja birds are supplied to BPL beneficiaries free of cost under RBPD Scheme.

Rural Backyard Poultry scheme-
Year Physical target(RBDS) financial target(RBDS) Physical achievement(RBDS) Financial achievement(RBDS) Physical target(Mother Unit) financial target(Mother Unit) Physical achievement(Mother Unit) Financial achievement(Mother Unit)
2014-15 150 382500/- 150 382500/-
2015-16 64 240000/- 64 240000/-
2016-17 192 720000/- 192 288000 1 100000/- 1

EDEG (entrepreneurship Development & Employment Generation)-

The Broiler Unit(1000 Capacity), Goat farming(10+1) and Pig Farming(3+1) units are implemented under this scheme.
Target-12, Ach-12 applications sponsored to Co-operative Bank.

Supplementation of Mineral Mixture-

Target-101 Beneficiaries finalized-101(DCS-61 and Non-DCS-40)
61 DCS members and 40 Non-DCS members( Total-101 farmers) were supplied with mineral mixture of total 3030 Kg as against target of 3030 kg(100%) at 75% subsidized rate.


The daily disease, outbreak, vaccination data is loaded blockwise directly in this site for higher level reporting daily basis.

  • Name of the District-Nayagarh
  • No. of Blocks-8
  • Number of Blocks Reported -8

Extension services through Mobile Advisory-

The Vodafone SIM are supplied to farmers free of cost. The farmers are provided with free SMS and voice message on ongoing Departmental schemes and activities.

  • No. of blocks-8
  • Target-8000
  • Total SIM supplied-3210

FMD CP Programme—

The steps are taken for 100% vaccination coverage of both large and small animals under FMD vaccination in order to complete eradication of FMD.229000 doses of FMD utilized in last year in first round.

Commercial Agri Entrepreneurship-

The large scale Dairy loan (20 cows & above), Sheep, Goat (100 & above0, Broiler (4000 & above), Layer (10000 & above) are sponsored with 40% subsidy for male farmer and 50% subsidy for female/SC/ST.

Office Detail

Name of the Office-
Chief District Veterinary Office, Nayagarh,
Maharshi vidyamandir Lane,
Near Employment exchange office,
PO- Nayagarh-2
First Appellate Authority-Dr. Narasingh Pattnaik-CDVO Nayagarh-06753-252338
PIO:-Sri Prafulla Kumar Mohanty- Head Clerk, O/O CDVO Nayagarh
APIO:Sri Amulya Kumar Mishra-Senior Clerk, O/O CDVO Nayagarh