Grievance Cell

Saturday Grievance Cell

  The Grievance Cell is functioning in every Saturday except the second Saturday. The grievances of the general public are being heard in the office chamber of Collector, Nayagarh. On the other days the grievance of the general public are also heard in the Residence office of Collector. Two separate Grievance Registers have been maintained, one for Collectorís Grievance cell and another for Chief Ministerís and Prime Ministerís Grievance Cell. 

Collectorís Grievance Cell 

          During the year 2005, 704 numbers of Grievance petitions have been received out of which 580 nos. of petitions have been disposed of leaving a balance of 124. All the petitions have been forwarded to the concerned Sub-ordinate offices for enquiry and disposal. Most of the pending grievance petitions relates to sanction of financial assistance under NFBS and these have not been properly redressed because of non-receipt of allotment from the government. There are also number of grievance petitions on sanction of OAP/WP, IAY houses, family dispute, sanction of loan to unemployed youth, inclusion of name under BPL list/ AAY. 

Chief Ministerís Grievance Cell

           The table below indicates the position of Grievance petitions received from the Chief Ministerís Grievance Cell as on 30.04.2006. 

OB as on 1.1.2006

Petitions received during the year from 1.1.06 to 30.04.2006


Total no. of petitions disposed







Grievances received from Higher Quarter. 

          Altogether two numbers of grievance petitions have been received from higher quarter during the year 2005. Out of which one petition has been disposed of. Another petition has been sent to concerned authority for appropriate follow up action and report for disposal.